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ReTouch + ReBand

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EVERYTHING YOU NEED - 2 ReTouch buttons + 2 ReBand bracelets.

Put on your Referi® and start playing.  

Package contains 2 buttons and 2 bracelets, each Team has its own button.

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ReTouch is compact and lightweight, the size of a coin (30 mm diameter by 8.5 mm high), weighing 8 grams (lighter than a coin), programmed to send three types of signals at a distance of up to 30 meters: 

one click (point assignment to player/team A)
two clicks (point assignment to player/team B)
"hold" for 2 seconds (cancellation and correction of last action) 
The ReTouch button is powered by a common, readily available and replaceable "lens" battery.

On average, under regular use, the battery lasts more than 2 years.

Padel - Tennis - Table Tennis - Ping Pong - Teqball - scoreboards for sports.